Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our surfer girl

Lily's just had her first 2 lessons ever to surfing, she's getting the hang of it & having fun which is the main thing.

Here's a video from this morning's session. Her last lesson is tomorrow morning so hopefully the waves will be a little bigger but the water still nice & calm like today. I'll add some photos later on tonight as we are off school shoe shopping shortly.

Also had a bit of a celebrity "run in" today almost literally. Whilst in the queue to purchase some Icy Poles at the Sea Lion Cafe, I turned around to see where the girls were & right behind me was the one & only Steve Waugh, ex- Australian Cricket captain, who was grabbing a bite to eat with his kids. As a huge fan I'd have loved a photo seeing as I had my camera & all but he's entitled to his private time too, so I got my excitement out by ringing Craig & telling him......LOL!


aussiescrapper said...

What an awesome video, clever girl, and that is nice that you let Steve Waugh to some private time, I feel sorry for them when they are out with their families. But in saying that, how exciting.

Susan Longman said...

Awsone and Narly Dude!!!