Friday, January 29, 2010

Mackenzie's FIRST DAY of school........ marks the beginning of her journey of formal education & it was an "AWESOME" one to quote her directly!

She'll be having the same wonderful teacher Lily had in Kindergarten which is fantastic.

Both her & I trouble sleeping last night, she finally fell asleep in our bed around 10.45pm after having gone to bed hours & hours earlier when Lily went to bed & actually zonked out within 2 minutes of her head hitting the pillow. Mackenzie was just so full of questions & very cuddly which was very sweet but then of course my mind was racing overtime & I tossed & turned pretty well through the whole night, a bit nervous but mostly excited for Mackenzie.

She started at 9.30am & was the 2nd child to actually get to the classroom & promptly sat down at a table & began a tracing activity & writing her name. Not a tear in sight, she was just so grown up & immediately comfortable in her new surroundings. She looked so grown up but also so small in her seriously oversized size 4 uniform.

Lily of course is the very proud & protective big sister who played with Mackenzie at lunch time & also bought her an ice block from the canteen.

After walking Buster home & having a snack I took them both down to the beach where they had a great time boogie boarding in the choppy surf with our good friends Russell, Charlotte & Alex.

............a special day with lots of special memories for our family.

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sandra said...

Great post.
Reminded me of when my youngest started school.
Loved all your photos and doesn't your heart just flip flop with pride when the eldest takes them by the hand and guide them along??