Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australians all let us rejoice

Wishing all Aussies out there a fantastic Australia Day today!

Some snapshots from our day.

Overall it was a pretty good day filled with awesome weather & some great company too. We went to the Woy Woy foreshore for the fireworks & what a fabulous display that was. Many thanks must go to Gosford Council for such a fabulous event, even if it really isn't the best way to spend rate payer $$$......lol!

Unfortunately a good few hours were spent with a second Telstra tech to-ing & fro-ing between our place & the phone exchange trying to sort out our phone line & internet issues caused by damage from a lightning strike outside our place on Saturday. Thankfully all issues have been resolved & everything is pretty well back to normal other than the fact that I can no longer walk around the house & chat, which is definitely going to make for much shorter conversations for the time being. We were extremely lucky to have gotten away with only having the phone line, modem & phone blown. One of our neighbours fared much worse in the appliance stakes.

The countdown is definitely on now for the return of school for Lily & Mackenzie's first day a day later. I really wish we had an extra couple of weeks, it all just seems to have gone all too fast this last few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back in a couple of days with some first day of school photos.

Good luck to anyone with littlies starting for the first time too & also for all the slightly bigger ones going back.

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aussiescrapper said...

Happy Australia Day to you also, hope you celebrated in your own way and I know I feel so lucky being healthy and happy in this glorious country. Have a great day today.