Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Strings Summer School

Lily has just completed 4 days at the Conservatorim this week, culminating in a little concert performance by each of the groups taking part in the program. Lily's group played 2 pieces which were just lovely to listen to. What a clever bunch of little kids. She had a great week & was particularly happy to have had her wonderful teacher Alexandra as their conductor/tutor for the 4 days.

I must also thank the wonderful Nat & her 2 lovely kiddies for entertaining Mackenzie & I for a few hours 4 days this week in the interim which saved us many mindless hours wandering around the shops & petrol costs by letting us hang out with them.

It's been an absolute scorcher here today, I took the girls as promised to the pools for a quick dip during Lily's lunch break so they could cool down & have play on the inflatable slide. Lots of fun & very refreshing.

When we got back in the car to head home after the concert the ambient temperature was reading 45.5!! Granted the car had been sitting in the full sun & therefore was reading a few degrees higher than the actual true temperature but even so, there really aren't that many days here on the coast where it really is that stifling. Hopefully we'll get a sea breeze to cool us down a little before bed & give the A/C a rest.

Craig has also fixed up the pool today whilst we were out & honestly he could not have picked a better day!

What a fantastic way to end the final full week of school holidays after we had so many days of rain early on.

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aussiescrapper said...

Wow now that is sooo hot, how clever is your little girl to enjoy her music at such an early age, and what a great mum to let her follow her passion.