Friday, January 22, 2010

1st ever sunset surf

Lily & Mackenzie are now the proud owners of their very first surfboard, a pink (of course) 6 foot 2 inch softboard. We picked it up on Thursday & we waited for Daddy to come home from work to give it a test run. Lily rode a few waves, she'll get the hang of it all much quicker now that she'll be able to practice.

Check out Mackenzie's lovely writing in the sand, with her first day of school only a week away she is madly obsessed with writing her name & learning her letters.

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aussiescrapper said...

What a great collage of photos, this is a page in itself, wow little surfers, how exciting for your little girl starting her first year of school, bet mum isn't so excited......I bet I cry when my little man goes to school.