Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mackenzie's latest comeback...........

is a doozy!

She is such a fast witted girl, you can't help but laugh (maybe in a 15 or so years she may actually be right & be able to live up to the threat) .

Whenever she doesn't get her own way......& that is quite alot, particularly at the moment where she really is testing all sorts of boundaries, she comes out with "I'm not going to cook anything for you when I'm a chef!" & you cop the "baddest" look she can muster up to boot.

Team that up with the fact that she still isn't even 1m tall yet & has a slight lisp & it's hysterical.

She's always loved any cooking shows on TV, she browses through cookbooks & chooses things that she's love to make & eat & she's very, very hard to keep out of the kitchen & always, always asking questions about food & not even the ordinary kind of things you'd expect 4 year olds to ask, so maybe we do have a future chef in the making.......I guess time will tell & then I'd better be on her good side...LOL!

Last Wednesday Mackenzie graduated from the Early Birds program (getting ready for school next year). She went along dressed up in her uniform minus school shoes, we'll have to look around for those early in the new year. She just looks so adorable all dressed up & very much enjoyed playing up to the camera for me so Daddy could see the photos when he got home from work. How cute does she look & that dress is a size 4!!! She's so "short" little but SO ready for school. It is actually a bit surreal thinking about the fact that after the Christmas holidays I'll be dropping both girls off at school & then I'll be here on my own........they're just growing up way to fast.

Speaking of which it's also hard to believe there are only a mere 4 days left until Lily turns 8 & 41 days til Christmas!!!!

Here's a photo I took of Lil the other day, for my Round 4 entry into's TSOOZ comp (didn't actually get to do the page yet unfortunately but without going into all the detailed requirements, the L/O was about favourite shoes & Rabens are the "in" thing. So many kids have them in all sorts of weird & wonderful colours & designs. Lily picked these out & she'll be getting them for her birthday next week.

Lily also had a fantastic week at school obtaining her 8th Super Soarer & also receiving a Merit Award, for writing a great factual description, at assembly. Well done Lil, so proud of your outstanding efforts!

As well as the excitement of her birthday on Wednesday to look forward to, Stage 1 are off to the Aquarium & Imax at Darling Harbour on Friday.....hopefully this beautiful weather continues for them.

In other far less interesting but still news none the less, I have officially resigned from my Stampin' Up! demonstratorship, with everything being finalised at the close of business yesterday, being the 10th business day of the month.

Funnily enough it was Friday the 13th which I guess I really can't have too many superstitions about as Mackenzie was born on a Friday the 13th but last night I had quite good luck at Renee's Girl's Night in winning 3 prizes in the raffle.......actually "bizarrest" of all I had 5 tickets in the draw & all 5 did get drawn but I opted for a couple of redraws, was so seriously feeling like a prize!

Anyway I'm out of hear to finish making my cards set for this weeks 3AS DT challenge. Still working with the gorgeous October Afternoon Good Cheer range.

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Tina said...

susanne what beautiful fun girls you have, I am sure they will grow to be fantastic caring children.