Monday, July 12, 2010

Some holiday fun

Yesterday, being Sunday, we took advantage of the Family Funday fares on public transport & spent the day in the city.

We had a lovely lunch in China Town, visited Paddy's Markets, looked around the FIFA World Cup Fan Fest site at Darling Harbour, where the kids met the very cute mascot, Zakumi.

We watched a few of the activities going on including a pretty cool drumming display, an mini soccer match on a floating pitch & also checked out Sony 3D TVs for the first time. Can't say it was all that impressive for watching the soccer on but when it was hooked up to a Play Station, that really was awesome.

We wandered around to King Pin & spent some time with Troy & Lachlan,(Craig's cousins) who gave us a bit of behind the scenes tour. After that we had a lovely ferry ride around the harbour, under lights which is just so beautiful, to Circular Quay from where we caught the train back home. All in all, a great, fun family day out.

Lily, Mackenzie & I got up at 4am this morning to watch the final between Spain & The Netherlands live. I must say I do believe the best team won, even if they did leave it til 4 mins to go in extra time to score the only goal of the match!

Definitely won't be having a night anywhere as late today.

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sandra said...

That sounds like the perfect day Susanne.
That Mascot certainly looks like a cool dude lol
And oh a harbour cruise sounds just perfect!