Monday, September 1, 2008

{30-8-08} The day Lily lost her 1st tooth!

........well actually whilst she was apparently waiting for her computer to load in her Numeracy class at school she pulled it out! Lots of excitement at school & home for her & us of course too.

Here are a few photos of the auspicious occasion & of course her new very cute smile sure to be appearing on a L/O sometime very soon!

Lily had another big 1st today although I didn't get any photos of this one, thought I may have appeared just a wee bit too strange.......Lily caught the bus to school for the very first time today, she was so excited & I was so proud & happy for her as she sat down by the window & waved to Mackenzie & I as the bus pulled away. Can't wait to here all about the trip when I pick her up this afternoon.

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