Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wake up Jeff, everybody's wiggling.......

Yes I took Mackenzie to see The Wiggles!

We caught the train from Woy Woy to Hornsby & saw the 12.30pm show at the RSL club on Tuesday.

Amongst quite a large crowd we were able to secure ourselves prime viewing positions right at the front of the dance floor which made for uninterupted views of The Wiggles, Dorothy, Wags, Captain Feathersword, Henry & all the Wiggly dancers.

Mackenzie danced & sang along for most of the show & had a fantastic time. She got lots of waves & smiles throughout the entire show from all The Wiggles. Jeff is Mackenzie's favourite Wiggle & she was so excited that he waved to her numerous times throughout the performance.

Mackenzie very patiently waiting for the show to start, holding on to the roses she bought for Dorothy.

Singing & dancing in the front row.

Wags, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy & Henry.

Roses for Dorothy.

& last but not least The Wiggles!

It was great......I just love The Wiggles, at one point they even dropped in a gag about The Cockroaches back catalogue........the memories, many of my friends & I back at school were huge Cockroaches fans so naturally I've always been a big Wiggles fan.

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