Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meet Buster, our new puppy

He's an 8 week old red/ white border collie & just so cute. We bought him from a breeder at Ebenezer on Saturday.

It took all day to head out & pick him up & we even did the tourist thing & drove via Wiseman's Ferry on the way back home. Mackenzie fell asleep & missed the ferry crossing but Lily was amazed by the whole concept of driving onto a ferry, crossing the river & driving off the other side. It was a nice change from countless trips up & down the F3 since we've lived up here on the Central Coast.

Lily & Mackenzie can't get enough of him & he's just so playful & inquisitive that wherever they are he's not too far behind.

Today, Mother's Day, Buster had his first ever visit to Umina Beach down @ Kiddies Corner. It was so cute just watching him run in the sand, digging & carrying around little sticks. I'm sure he's going to love going to the beach as he gets older.

The girls & I this morning after they gave me the presents that Lily bought from the stall @ school.

Hope all the lovely Mummys out there reading this had a fabulous day.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to play with Buster for a little while before bed.

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