Monday, January 17, 2011

A bit a creating & some chicken pox

These are my creations for the first two missions for the Scrapz "Biggest Loser", it's all a bit of fun to use up some stash & have a bit of a tidy up at the same time. Pretty happy with my creations as they were made up of scraps.

& not really what you want in school holidays but somehow the girls have managed to have a holiday reminiscent of 2 years ago & come down with another infectious illness.....yes, chicken pox, this time! Mind you, neither of these girls had a single full day off school last year Poor little monkeys have been so itchy but they are both well on the road to recovery & non contagiousness.

Here's a photo of each of them with their spots already healing up & suitable for blog!

Thanks to everyone for all the get well wishes for them too, we really appreciate them xx

Hope you all have a great week!


Kerryn said...

oh the poor girls. Hope they aren't itchy for too long.
Love what you've created so far for Biggest Loser, that card is just gorgeous!!!

Kim said...

Gosh how aweful forthe girls to be sick in the holidays, hope they are well soon, I agree that card is just divine, so so pretty and girly!, thanks for your well wishes, a little scrap therapy worked last night!

aussiescrapper said...

Dearest Suzanne, oh the girls still have gorgeous smiles even with all those awful spots, I pray they will dissappear really soon and they are back to their full strength, these are some of the memories that we have to scrap to remember but would sometimes rather not have hey. Thank you for your kind blog post, may take a bit of time to replenish my scrap stash and possessions but Nate and I are well and ready to tackle the next life adventure.....Missed you too. Melxx