Thursday, March 18, 2010

Does plaster count as a fashion accessory???

....I guess time will answer this question & many!

Lily came off second best with a fall of the monkey bars at school today. She's in a 1/2 cast for now with some more follow up checks to come & most probably a full cast for 4 or so weeks after that.

No photos so far, she isn't feeling particularly jovial so I didn't push the issue.

A bit of "excitement" on the day she is 8yrs & 4mths old!

A few days on (it's now Saturday) & lots of sympathy later & our little princess is quite proud of her bandaged arm, it's funny how much of a talking point it is! No problem at all getting photos anymore....LOL!


Melleny Ams said...

OH no, the poor thing I can understand her not being happy. I hope it heals quickly xoxo

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Poor baby girl, sending hugs to her and her lovely Mummy. Hope it heals ASAP. LOL about your post title.

Gail said...

Oh silly duffa :)
Hope you feel better soon XX

Gail said...

Lily...did you get your new BLUE cast today? :)

Susanne Perry said...

No blue cast Gail, the orthopedic surgeon decided to go with a brace instead, she hates it, thinks it's ugly....LOL! On the upside she's allowed to take it off to have a shower which is fabulous, no more being forced to have a bath & no more smelly arm!