Friday, March 19, 2010

Casey has come to stay......

Casey is a fluffy toy caterpillar (thank goodness, the other creatures Mackenzie brings inside to visit are normally still very much alive) & she is Mackenzie's class' pet.

She gets to go on lots of adventures with the kids & their families. She is here for tonight with us & tomorrow she'll be off to the Treetop Adventure Park with us & some of our friends where she'll meet up with Dylan & spend the rest of the weekend with him & his family.

What a lucky caterpillar, she's already had some scones for afternoon tea, been to the beach, eaten her favourite food for dinner (!) & watched a movie with Mackenzie. Now it's almost bedtime for this cute little critter.

Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving the lovely comments too. It is nice to know that my "cyberfriends" are out there thinking about us.

Lily's wrist is doing OK, still pretty sore & the weight of the cast isn't helping but it's only on til Wednesday when she has her check up at the fracture clinic. Apparently the full cast she'll get on there will be much lighter, that'd be even better if she can get a fibreglass one...... which would make the school holidays much better for her, poor thing had to endure an afternoon of watching Mackenzie swimming at the beach.

Have a fantastic & safe weekend. I'll be back with some photos soon. These photo free updates are pretty boring to look at.

Casey also had some running repairs done during her stay, she had a acquired a few bumps & bruises during her travels so far this year & of course the "crafty" Mum got the job.


Gail said...

Aww Casey sounds SO cute :) Hope he enjoys his visit! Love to see a photo of him with Mackenzie.

Gail said...

Those photo's are absolutely adorable!! He is one very much loved caterpillar.