Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some scrapping to share

I've got quite a mix of different projects I recently completed for a variety of reasons. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Some invites for Lily's party next month

Some easy cards using SU! stamps & my Cuttlebug

Love this L/O of random memories from 2008, I created it for Deb's challenge at 3AS for the GWI Cybercrop they held to raise funds for the Cancer Council

This little cupcake I made for Heike's challenege

& this little altered magnet was made from one of those daggy old promo magnets I had hanging on the fridge.......much prettier now & thanks for the challenge Melleny

I'm very proud of this one, my decorated styrofoam tree which I made for one of the "Twelve Weeks of Christmas" challenges running at 3AS.

This is an inchie card, also for a challenge at 3AS a little while ago

These are the 2 cards I made with Rachel Greig at her make & take stand at our LSS on World Cardmaking Day...........oh & for those of you who are interested & have read a few posts back, Rachel's great tip for tying ribbons & having them look great with very little effort is to tie the knot first using both ends of one piece of ribbon, then when you're happy with how the knot is sitting, snip the ribbon in the middle & attach to the to the card on the back. None of this mucking around with DS tape on the front of the card & trying to tie bows & knots using small pieces of ribbon.......for how simple a tip this is I can't believe I hadn't worked it out sooner!

& last but not least, this is what I created for my challenge at 3AS for the GWI challenges.

In other scrapping news, I've had another page accepted for publication in Scrapbook Creations, my 2nd acceptance with them, I think my first page should be out in either next month's or December's issue so looking forward to that as well

Will also be able to share all my L/Os & projects for the BOTS challenge at 3AS which is drawing to a conclusion with the overall winners being announce on their blog on Friday. Good luck to all the lovely ladies who took part, throughout the competition, the standard of work was just so inspiring for me during this whole competition.

Hope everyone's having a fabulous day & thanks for stopping by.

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Melleny Ams said...

Congrat's on the page acceptance. Your work is always gorgeous.