Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me & Merry Christmas to all!

Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas & best wishes for a safe & happy holiday season.

To my beautiful family, thank you all for a fantastic & very special day. I love you all with all my heart. xxx & to quote a line from one of my all time favourite movies "You complete me", I'm sure everyone knows that's from Jerry Macguire

Just a little piccie of Lily & Mackenzie cuddling under our beautiful & very real Christmas tree. Lily sat & made the paper chains all by herself a few weeks back using strips of wrapping paper & a stapler, clever little chookie!

We started our Christmas Day celebrations today as usual, by attending Midnight Mass at the local church, it's brand new & was lovely for us to be there to celebrate the birth of Christ in such beautiful surroundings. It was about 2.30am before we all got to bed & of course today we were all up bright & early due to the constant stream of telephone well wishers for my birthday & Christmas.

Christmas morning was oh so magical with the excitement & joy of both Lily & Mackenzie when they saw Santa had left them their very special gift, as per Lily's letter to Santa- a trampoline with a net for herself & Mackenzie to share (she was very certain that it had to have a net to keep her little sister safe).

After quite a few hours of tinkering in the backyard & praying for the rain to stay away, the trampoline masterpiece was complete & ready for action although by this stage both girls were quite weezy as they are both suffering with croup/asthma again........our kids seem to be allergic to school holidays.

For lunch we had a fabulous seafood buffet, a turkey roast & garlic bread. And for dessert, several hours later we had a very delicious chocolate cake which Lily & Craig had baked especially for my birthday. I took this photo in timer mode using my awesome Christmas present- a tripod, which I have wanted for so long. We had the most awesome weekend leading up to today. We had Christmas lunch with my parents on Saturday, then spent the night with some friends in the Blue Mountains to celebrate with them before heading into Sydney to see the "Pop Go the Wiggles" Show. That was just so much fun & the we all enjoyed it thoroughly. The Wiggles as always put on a fantastic performance.
I'll leave you today with a couple of piccies from the show. Thanks for stopping by & please feel free to leave me a comment or some Christmas cheer.

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