Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How time flies......

We're definitely on the countdown toward Christmas now, this year seems to be just flying by. Only 11 more days & Lily turns 6 and boy is she excited! There's only 6 more weeks of school for 2007 as well, so hard to believe she won't be a little kindy kid anymore, she'll be moving up into Year 1 in 2008. It's been the most amazing year so far with lots of fun & celebrations still to come.

I'm so proud of Lily, she received another merit award from school at assembly today bringing her total to 7 for the year so far plus the extra special "Aussie of the Month" award she received in May. It's been a remarkable year for her & we really couldn't have asked of more from her & it's so special to have her be not only commended for her efforts & achievements but also be very highly spoken of & thought of within the school community.

Pity about the latest interest rate hike today though, that'll just make finances a lot tighter for many people just like ourselves I suspect. Frustrates me that we work so damn hard at doing the right things & you just can't seem to get ahead on one income with kids.

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