Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy belated 6th Birthday to our gorgeous "BIG" girl Lily! we didn't forget to celebrate with her, I just haven't updated my blog in a few weeks, so I thought I best start by wishing my big girl all the best for her birthday which was on Sunday 18th November.

It's hard to believe that I have been a mum now for 6 years....WOW! Have loved every minute of watching you grow up & am so proud of the wonderful, kind & caring girl you are becoming.

I know she had a great day as did we all. It was a fairly relaxing sort of a day, as we needed some rest after a day of excitement & lots of driving on Saturday when we went to Jamberoo to celebrate our god-daughter, Kate's, 7th birthday. The water photos above were taken in the wave pool. That was awesome fun. If you're ever out & about in the Wollongong area & need something to do Jamberoo is fantastic, there's so much for the whole family, even little kids can go on almost everything with adult supervision, which was so great as we got to enjoy the place together as a family, not just one of us with Lily & the other having to sit out & watch over Mackenzie. As a consequence though I really didn't get the opportunity to take all that many photos because as the Jamberoo slogan says- I was "controlling the action!"

Back to her birthday- after Lily opened her presents we took her out for breakfast at a cafe in Erina Fair, did a little shopping where Lil bought a scooter with some of her birthday money, came home & Craig assembled her bike (pressie from us). She was a bit afraid to ride it as it's larger than her little bike but after a couple of sessions in the wide open space at the park, she's cruising along nicely!

In the afternoon we went down to the beach for a twilight Nippers session which was great, then back home for a BBQ with her friend from school & her family.

Happy Birthday & love you always princess xx

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