Sunday, March 20, 2011

What we've been up to.......

We had a little break away the other week when we headed up to Kingscliff for the 2011 NSW Nippers State Titles. Lily competed really well in all her events & we are so proud of her for getting in & having a go. The waves were certainly a fair size larger & alot more rough than the normal surf we experience around here & she managed to get out & around the cans & back in successfully in both the swim & board races, massive rips & all!

After a night in Coffs Harbour, we spent the morning having the most fantastic time interacting with the animals at Pet Porpoise Pool. Afterwards we continued on to Hastings Point where we set up camp for the week. It was really a mixed bag of weather for the week with lots of rain, which made staying in a tent that bit more fun....LOL (not)....but still a bit of sunshine during the day to dry ourselves out.

We caught up with some of Craig's mates as well which was great & I managed to win a fantastic meat tray in a raffle at Seagulls Leagues Club when we went out for dinner one night with Brad (an old school mate of Craig's) & his mum. The kids also got in a swim at Broadbeach on the way to Tracey & David's up on the Gold Coast. It was fantastic to catch up with them again & to visit them in their beautiful new home.

The nippers competition was on over the weekend from Friday to Sunday & Lily competed in a few events each day including flags, the swim, the board, sprints & then finishing off on Sunday with the March Past.

On the way home we stopped at Coffs Harbour again, this time it was sunny, so the kids got to have a nice swim in the beautiful harbour whilst I took some photos. Can't believe in all the years of travelling up & down the coast I'd never actually seen more of Coffs than The Big Banana!

Thought I might pop in a couple of pages from a few weeks ago for a comp that was running at Scrapz. I didn't have the time to get right into the swing of the whole thing but I was happy to get the 2 pages done, after all any scrapping is good scrapping!

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