Sunday, September 5, 2010

It was a Happy Father's Day

.......for Craig & the girls which is the main thing (not so much weather-wise & I unfortunately had a tummy bug)

Lily & Mackenzie spoilt their Daddy with the special pressies from the stall at school & their own handmade creations. It was mainly an indoor day with very strong winds blowing a gale. A fallen tree took out the power lines in the next street which luckily didn't affect us.

They also took Craig out for a lovely chinese dinner, which they all loved & brought me home some fried rice for lunch on Monday. It was yummy, seems the local may have either had a change of management of at least a new chef. In the 4 years we've been here I pretty much have avoided chinese because none of the local restaurants were as good as the ones we used to go to in Sydney. We still drop in at our favourite on the way back up to the Central Coast occasionally after visiting friends or family in Sydney.

Anyway I digress, here's a piccie of the three most important people in my life, enjoying each others company & a hug on the lounge after a great day together.

Here's Mackenzie with her awards for her excellent public speaking. She has just blossomed so much since starting school this year.

On Friday night Lily & headed out to Berowra Library to meet Andy Griffiths, she absolutely loves his books. A bit too much poo, wee & other gross stuff for me but so funny just the same. He certainly has a fantastic personality, his talk was quite entertaining for everyone. Even though our girl is quite a girly girl, she does have that "just one of the boys" side to her as well which probably makes her quite well rounded but honestly I never thought having 2 girls that we'd be reading books called "The Day My Bum Went Pyscho", "Just Stupid" & of course his new one (which she had autographed) "The Very Bad Book"!

& here is my Round 5 entry for Scrap that Ad @ Scrapz, a bit of a challenge to scrap myself again. This round was based on the very famous Dove ad from a few years ago.

I'll be publishing this post several days after Father's Day but I did want to record everything around Father's Day, time just has not been on my side & in the meantime poor Craig picked up my bug. He's on the mend now & hopefully we've gotten it out of the house!

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