Monday, May 31, 2010

Today is the day....Opera House day!

This was Lily this morning before heading out to catch the train.

I'm off shortly to meet up with her for dinner after the rehearsal has finished & then the concert tonight.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some good photos, being in the 3rd row I'm hoping to have a good view & be able to pick Lily out from the crowd!

A collage of the day:


Helen Kinsela said...

Congratulations Lily, what a wonderful thing to be involved in. Great pics Mum, thanks for sharing.

Gail said...

Well done Lily...glad to hear you enjoyed yourself :)
The photo's are great Susanne...the Opera House 'sails' look awesome.

sandra said...

YAY LILY!! way to go chook!
Mum the photos look fabulous! what great memories.

Kim said...

awesome experience...for you all thanks for sharing susanne