Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter Sunday

A nice & early start to the day (thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep we got with daylight savings ending!). Up at 6.15am for Lily & Mackenzie to find the wonderful delights left for them by the Easter Bunny & Tooth Fairy, then of course chocolate & hot crossed buns for breakfast.

We then got ready & went to the 7.45am Easter Sunday Mass, where Lily made her First Holy Communion. Such a proud moment for her & of course for us as her parents too.

I just have to make a note of this too......the dress that Mackenzie is wearing was actually the dress I wore when I made my First Holy Communion. Apparently it was made by my Aunt in Germany for her daughter (my cousin who I've never actually gotten the opportunity to know due to my parents migrating over here before I was born, I have travelled to Germany as an adult but didn't get to do the rounds of all of the relatives at the time) The dress is so beautiful & so tiny, on me it was a mini that I wore with long socks & sandals (yes very!) There was no chance it would have fit Lily so we let Mackenzie wear it in case it didn't fit her when her time comes around a few years.

After Mass we caught up with some friends who's kids were making the First Holy Communions too during the 9.15am Mass. After coming home & getting changed we went to have some coffee & cake to celebrate the kids' Holy Communion with our friends before our family headed out to Cowan for a 5km return bushwalk to Jerusalem Bay, which is a very small part of the Great North Walk.

The girls had a swim & played with some schools of little fish, we had a picnic, did a bit of exploring, took some photos & generally just enjoyed the beautiful scenery whilst walking along the track, which at times was quite rocky & steep but of course provided more thrill & excitement for Mackenzie who never seems to get enough of being a little dare devil. She did the whole walk on her own, trying to lead at every opportunity.

All in all it was a fantastic & memorable Easter Sunday.

Hope the Easter Bunny was kind to you all as well & thanks for stopping by.

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aussiescrapper said...

Wow just love seeing your photos and this is awesome how you always collage them too. You have been busy, and the kids looks like they had a wonderful easter.