Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Victoria's bushfire tragedy

It's difficult to come to terms with the extent of the tragedy that is still occurring down in Victoria, hearing of all heartbreaking stories of such a devastating loss of life, livelihoods, homes & communities.

Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone affected as they somehow have to come to terms with the nightmare they are living & slowly try to begin rebuilding their lives & their homes.

Reading this story & seeing the attached video sends chills down my spine.....one of the ladies is the sister of our best friends. She, her partner, their son & neighbours certainly had God & all the angels looking out for them when their properties were engulfed by the fires.

It is so heartwarming & inspirational to see that in the face of the biggest adversities how the Australian way is to help & support one another. Through unity great things are achieved & it is amazing how much money & resources have been donated to help out those who so desperately need it.

Our school had a mufti day fundraiser yesterday with all donations going to a charity "Kids helping Kids", which as I understand works through the NSW Dept of Education. The photo below is of the school's special message covered in mostly gold coins.

I've also been busy making some cards to donate to the "Card Drive for Hard Times" organised by Scrapbooking Memories magazine. These are a few samples of my cards.

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