Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hump day Wednesday

WOW the weeks are just flying by at this point, I really can't believe we are into week 4 of the school year already. Lily has settled in nicely into her new routine, there were quite a few changes to adjust to with how things are taught in Year 1 compared with Kindy. The way her school runs is very similar to how it is in high school where the kids change classrooms & teachers for various subjects, so she has 3 main teachers- a home room teacher, a numeracy teacher & a literacy teacher & then of course there's the librarian, music & sports teachers etc, etc. She seems to be loving it & is actually keen on doing her homework......wonder how long that will last!

Mackenzie is just plodding along & developing quite the sense of humour. Apart from her tantrums, she never ceases to make us laugh. This little conversation had us in stitches last night as we were sitting down to our bowls of homemade chicken/vegetable/noodle soup.

Mackenzie: "What's this type of sauce called?

Me: "It's soup"

Mackenzie (very excitedly): "OHHH SOUP SAUCE!"

She's so funny, if you don't give her the actual answer she wants she'll just invent her own.

To end I'll just pop in a couple of my recent creations (got to say I'm loving the 6"X 12" & LOs, so much fun & a great way to use up some scraps too) then must be off to get sorted for school.

This is the card I made for Nat, as you can see by the pretty pinks, she had a beautiful baby girl, it was also the first time I had used some of my BG Two Scoops papers.

Will be back later with some Stampin' Up! updates & creations and also as I have been tagged again by Alison & should really play along this!


The Ams Family said...

Loved the "Soup sauce" story - just too cute. Your work is amazing, looking forward to seeing lots more of it.

Natalie said...

Thank you for Abi's lovely gift and the card is gorgeous!!! How funny is Mackensie...crack me up. Will catch up with you soon...maybe late next week all going well.
Chat soon.