Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to our littlest blue monkey!

Mackenzie has always been known as our littlest monkey, the blue part of the name well that's a lovely embarassingly funny story from a few days ago.

I'll add photos & you'll get the picture....but for now imagine the result of a little girl sucking on a bottle of blue food colouring whilst shopping at Woolies, silly me to assume that the plastic seal meant the bottle would stay closed, sillier me to think that Mackenzie would have no reason to put it in her mouth.

Probably needless to say at this point but there was much as laughter as concern from fellow shoppers, Lily & myself as well as one very blue face, teeth, lips, tongue & of course her hands & mine!

Anyway after a very long bath & lots of soaking the colour was gone but not the photographic evidence!

Happy 4th Birthday gorgeous girl, our days are definitely never, ever boring! Love you to bits xxx

Here's some photos of her special day

Humpty Dumpty, the easiest cake ever, she found it in a magazine & asked me to make it for her (lamingtons for the wall & a decorated easter egg for Humpty) & probably the most fun too as Lily & Mackenzie spent quite sometime singing & reinacting the Humpty Dumpty song when all the formalities were done!

This is the birthday cake we shared with Oma & Opa on Mother's Day. I've kept those sugar animals for years in a container, they were too cute at the time we bought them to eat so both Lily & Mackenzie have both had them on cakes now.